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abstract-title.jpgWe offer many different policies to insure your title.  Owner’s, lenders, Jr. Lien, Construction, reissues, Commercial Proformas, we’ve handled them all.  From insuring the rights of an $8,000 dollar house, to insuring an $80,000,000.00 Wind Projects, our office is capable of assisting in your next purchase.  

Many buyer’s understand that they are purchasing a “lender’s policy” at the closing.  What they don’t always understand is that a lender’s policy does not insure their interest.  

Most lenders require title insurance, especially when they use secondary market mortgage products, however, the title insurance policy they require insures the interests of their loan. Not the interests of their buyer. Some Real Estate agents may not always have a comprehensive understanding of Title Insurance and the protections it provides.  They may even advise you that “it is not needed.”   It would be more appropriate to say “it is not required.”  

Owner’s Title is a valuable protection that requires a one-time premium that is in effect for the entire term of your ownership. It also can be used as title evidence in transferring your property.  In addition, it reduces the cost of your lender’s policy in what is referred to as a Simultaneous Issue.

Why Owner's Title Insurance?

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